Software testing is a very crucial aspect of software development that should not be neglected and should be included in every phase of development in any organisation looking to grow and deliver quality products.

In this regard, we are specialised in building highly skilled testing professionals to meet today's information technology needs and Quality Assurance demands. We aim at educating talents on all the necessary skills required to become a professional Test Analyst. We lead the use of more efficient, pragmatic and effective test processes and ensure consistency with our testing approach.

Our ultimate goal is to produce well trained professionals who will get the job done, whose effort will result in a churning out quality products, quality system infrastructures and quality softwares that meets the exact product requirements.

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Our consultancy service is aimed at helping organisations and prospective clients follow best testing practices. We have services ranging from helping you develop your test strategy, to maximising the benefits of automation or user acceptance testing. We have put together a set of business principles, tool set, skill set and technology to help foster this process.

We provide full testing spectrum of planning, execution, reporting and post- implementation support, in managed team and across board.

We carry out independent quality inspections (verification and validation) on behalf of our clients to ensure products are being tested to the highest quality standards. We monitor the testing deliverables to ensure the process maximises a return on investment, reduces technical and business risks, reduces cost, improves quality and actually delivers tangible benefits.

Training session at Assert

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  • Need to start a career in software testing
  • Need Hands-on training
  • No software testing team in place in your organisation
  • Often have products fail
  • Need to improve software and team standard
  • Top notch support from experienced professionals
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